The Upcoming Rude Guest Bloggers and a Haiku:
Before the Rude Pundit heads out on vacation (and, no, not at Yearly Kos), he wants to remind readers that he'll be aided and abetted in his mindless debauchery in the sun by a fine line-up of guest bloggers who'll keep the rudeness flowing. To wit:

Thursday, August 2: Liza Sabater of Culture Kitchen

Friday, August 3: African American Opinion of African American Political Pundit

Monday, August 6: Shark-Fu of Angry Black Bitch

Tuesday, August 7: Angry Independent of Mirror on America

Wednesday, August 8: Pam Spaulding of Pam's House Blend, Pandagon, and, for August, Americablog; and Terrance of Republic of T

Enjoy these awesome writers here and at their own blogs. Hopefully, the Rude Pundit will resist the siren call of his laptop and only worry about who's topping his lap.

Before heading out, here's a haiku celebrating the Vice President's recent CNN interview.

When Dick Sat With Larry

"To me," said the corpse
To his foul, purulent guest,
"You smell like roses."