Oooh, a bitch was almost too excited about this guest blogging gig to sleep last night!

I had to use my trusted sleep relaxation technique, which involved imagining Ann Coulter handcuffed to a wall in my dream-based dungeon and being forced to watch Eyes on the Prize over and over and over again.


That one works every time, bless it.

Anyhoo, my name is Shark-fu of AngryBlackBitch.com and I will be your Mistress of Bitchitude for the day.

Shall we?

While dining on a breakfast of Excedrin and coffee this morning, a certain Chris Matthews said something on The Today Show that caught my attention.

Yes, this bitch was shocked too (wink).

Chris was cranking through the political happenings of the weekend and dropping his sound bites like healthy fiber induced shits. He finished with some stuff on Hillary Clinton and how her admission at Yearly Kos that some of her friends are lobbyists may or may not hurt her with the base.

Then he said something along the lines of Clinton being the establishment candidate but not completely because “She’s a woman and that’s going to be a big change.”


I popped some more Excedrin, shot back the rest of my coffee and then replayed that shit.

Senator Clinton is the establishment candidate for the Democratic Party but not totally because she’s a woman?


Now that’s a juicy bone for Monday morning blogging!

Shark-fu’s random speculation over Senator Clinton’s establishment status while waiting for the meds to kick the fuck in and kill my hangover…

A woman announces she’s running for President and everyone assumes that a lot of shit is going to change…that she’s going to bring with her a knowledge of oppression, a different perspective, a different management style…you know, a "woman’s touch".

But the candidate that has emerged is an establishment candidate who knows the path and is sticking to it...big time.

Matthews (and he is in no way alone on this) would believe that Senator Clinton’s gender somehow trumps her political resume.

But I challenge the logic of that!

As a matter of fact this bitch finds it insulting.

Politics is littered with examples of the diversity of political perspective within womankind. Hell, that political spectrum includes Bay Buchanan’s rancid self and goes all the way over to the fantabulous Angela Davis!
That's diverse as a motherfucker.

But pundits have been giving Senator Clinton a pass of sorts by assuming they know her position on all things women are assumed to feel the same towards….reproductive choice, military force and domestic policy shit.

We’re months into this race and they are still struggling with that shit.
And it wouldn’t matter...expect it matters.
This voter has had enough political surprises to last a lifetime.
As to those assumptions, this bitch prefers to judge a person on their actions and their record. If a candidate's background will equal change then a bitch should see that shit in their past and present behavior...not by gender alone.
Lest we forget, the women behind the fuck up that just keeps fucking are a constant reminder that women define change in a lot of different ways...