A certain Mitt Romney is tired of a lot of shit.

He's tired of having Brownback pointing out the fact that Romney has switched his position on choice.


Oh, and he’s tired of having to answer questions about being Mormon.

Ummm…well, he’s fine with that as long as he can talk about his family and so forth or use his faith as an excuse for going anti-choice.


How’s about I toss out something new for Romney & Co. to chew on?

This bitch noticed that Mitt has five grown sons. I also noticed that Romney is decidedly pro-war…which was surprising since he didn’t exactly get his Audie Murphy on back in the day over Vietnam.


With five sons…five healthy adult sons…and America at war with the Army facing a recruitment problem …well, this bitch is curious about those Romney boys military service or lack there of.


Or is the hypocrisy of asking others to put their life on the line for this fubar war when your own chil’ren sleep on a soft mattress safe at home another touchy topic?


I’m just asking!

And shit, at least that’s a newish question (wink).