Okay, one more post and then this bitch has to practice some bitchitude back home.

A bitch has lost my share of car keys…my favorite tube of MAC lipstick whilst at the club…and my wallet more than once (wince).

But this bitch is having a hard time wrapping my mind around losing 190,000 AK-47 assault weapons in a war zone.

I’m also struggling with the news that the pentagon didn’t track those weapons by serial number.

For the love of all that’s holy, the Girl Scouts track cookie sales by serial number! Is it too much to ask the Pentagon to do the same for AK-47s?


Okay...okay, okay...I just read this story about warrantless eavesdropping and I think I may have a solution to the problem of locating the missing weapons.

Instead of listening in to my personal conversations with discussing how fucked up it is that the Pentagon lost 190,000 guns that are most likely going to be used against American soldiers which means my tax money just armed the insurgency…mercy…why not used all that nifty technology to listen in to Iraqi conversations and see if anyone there is chatting about a shitload of AK-47s?

Or mayhap listen in on some Pentagon conversations and find out just how many officials can't find their ass with both hands?



Logs off to go order Thin Mints...