Kick me in the balls and wake me up. So Hillary Clinton is refusing to rule out the use of nuclear weapons against Osama bin Laden or other terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Damn and I thought George W Bush was a nut case.

So... under a Hillary Presidency her administration will use the American nuclear arsenal to bomb the living shit out of Afghanistan and Pakistan? Like we used bunker busting bombs in Iraq.

A sort of, Hillary "Nuclear Shock and Awe."

Wait a minute there is more scary news from the leading DemoRATS who want to "out Republican - the Republicans."

It's O-BAMA, turn, he wants to use military force to go after terrorists in Pakistan, even without President Pervez Musharraf's permission. WTF! Now this Urban Cowboy and his New York Cowgirl (soon to be running mates) are ready to Shock and Awe the living shit out of the middle east. I'm hoping these two DemoRATS think long and hard before they start going into more Middle Eastern countries with American troops and American nuclear bombs.

It's truly scary that Hillary would even think that America should target Osama Bin Laden with nuclear weapons. Let's not even talk about O-BAMA's plans for the Middle East. I guess his administration will say there are WMD in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Sounds like George W to me. But hey, at this point the Democrats and Republicans are scaring the crap out of me.

Can these folks stop talking war and come up with a plan to fix America's fucked up bridges ?

Picture Source NY Times