Trump Is Making Racism and Xenophobia Safe for the GOP

A fun little piss dribble of a column is by David French in the National Review (motto: "Disturbed and racist before it was cool"). He writes about GOP candidate and Man Most Likely to Get a Whole Bunch of Americans Murdered Donald Trump's abjectly appalling and objectively illegal "plan" for "a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States," even Muslim citizens who travel abroad, "until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on," or, you know, forever. French discusses the "Overton Window," which is a piece of shit metaphor about the sliding scale of what is acceptable political discourse.

French writes: "While many of Trump’s actual proposals are misguided, nonsensical, or untenable, by smashing the window, he’s begun the process of freeing the American people from the artificial and destructive constraints of Left-defined discourse. Serious and substantive politicians like Ted Cruz will get a more respectful hearing, and PC shibboleths about allegedly boundless virtues of Islam and immigration will be treated with the skepticism they deserve."

What French is saying is that because Trump is proclaiming something batshit insane, he is like a liberator to conservatives. Now they can talk about this shit freely. And, apparently, Ted Cruz can rise like a Golem to conquer all. Of course, French doesn't say that Trump's proposals are batshit or appalling because, to him and to many on the right, they aren't. Liberals fucked it all up by demanding rights for LGBT people, according to French, so a little open racism and xenophobia just rights the scales.

You know what? Fuck this. A photoshopped picture is worth far more words than the Rude Pundit can manage. This is Trump and his followers and anyone who excuses him, in one fucking shell of a nut (thanks to rude reader DF, who wishes to remain anonymous because Trump voters are fucking assholes):

Today, a Muslim-American student told the Rude Pundit, in his professor disguise, that she was a little concerned. She is going to visit family in Pakistan this year and next year and, well, shit, she goes every year. But at some point, will someone tell her she can't come back? She was born here. She doesn't wear a veil. She just wants to live her life and be left the fuck alone. She laughed when she related her worries. The problem is that too many Americans believe her existence is innately suspicious and her laugh is pure evil.

If you ever wondered what it felt like to watch a country go mad, look around you.

(Note: Feel free to spread that photo far and wide.)