In Brief: Things Donald Trump Supporters Should Worry About Besides Terrorism

Today, the Rude Pundit was listening to the ol' NPR, as one does when driving in the morning, and he heard a piece on how much the supporters of Donald Trump will stand by the GOP presidential candidate and Man Most Likely to Get Us Nuked. Among the slavering, pathetic, uninformed voters was Tina, who said, "We cannot keep going down this path. It seems to be coming more dangerous. I think we're all scared. I'm actually a little jumpy, I find."

Oh, dear, sweet Tina, you are a fucking idiot whose tiny little mind is easily manipulated by a spray-tanned con artist who would use you as a shield if anyone took a shot at him and then fuck your bullet holes just for shits and giggles after.

Besides, Tina and anyone who is existentially afraid of terrorism, do you even have a concept of what is actually scary?

Look at these white people at a Klan rally - sorry, Trump event in August:

That's a group of middle-aged or older mostly obese people. This ain't fat-shaming. The Rude Pundit ain't svelte. It's about health, which is based in medical science and well-researched facts. It's about understanding where the real risks in life are.

Obesity is responsible for nearly 20% of all deaths in the United States.  Even without death, the obese suffer from much higher rates of heart disease, diabetes, and a host of other illnesses and conditions that weaken the body and lead to death from other things. And that's not even getting into strokes.

Statistically, you will never be harmed by a terrorist attack. The odds are completely against it.  It is not going to happen to you, except in the rarest of the rarest cases.

Statistically, you will be harmed by obesity.

The point here is this: If you are a Trump supporter who is obese and you believe that it's more important to ban Muslims and go to war to stop "terrorism" than do anything to lose weight and get in shape, you are a goddamned fool who has no understanding of risk or the consequences of your actions.

And you're gonna die a million times over from your own body than you will die from an ISIS member shooting you or blowing you up.

In other words, a little sense of proportion, really, would go a long, long way.