"It's Never Ourselves": More Haiku Review of 2015, Including Reader Poems

A couple more from the Rude Pundit:

Drawing Trumps

In bridge, players can
Force trumps to exit early.
Too bad that's a game.

Barry Goldwater Is Not Amused

Remember when talk
Of nuking nations got you
Destroyed at the polls?

And now a whole bunch from rude readers around the weather-screwed nation:

From long, long-time reader Rabbitearz from L.A.:

Marco Rubio
looks like the type who would rip
big farts on a date.

From Ms. L.B. of NYC and LetterBalm:

Best Cock Fighter Yet

Benghazi grilling?
A triumph for Hillary.
Huge balls on the Hill.

From Hallbowski:

Pro-Life Hypocrites

Protect the unborn!
After birth, we'll give no fucks!
Starve. Get shot. Who cares?

From Dan in Bellingham:

Kim Davis - What pride
A vessel for God's message
Do unto others

From Gi in Jersey:

Kentucky's Saint Kim
Won't let the 'mos get married
'Cause Jesus says so.

From Jack in Central Illinois:

Cosby, Trump, Davis
A dick, a prick, and a hick
But each, an asshole

From Stacy, the Paxton Pundit, from New Mexico:

Bland Justice

Justice Texas style
From "I'll light you up" to dead
See, she hanged herself

From Daniel Erickson, big, gay leatherman in Albuquerque, NM:

burning tears of hate
men in blue just killed my son
who do we call now?

From A Daughter's Mother in Phoenix, AZ:

Blame Game

It was the Muslims,
Mexicans, women or gays.
It's never ourselves.

From Nancy G. in Olympia, WA:

Drought. No rain in sight.
Leaves like paper on the ground.
Branches like matchsticks.

From Foamboy:

Our beautiful globe
We drove it like we stole it
Sell all your beachfront.

From Carmine Mangione:

Dick Cheney’s requiem...

Dancing on Kittens
Tiny mews forlornly spew
Break they tiny legs

More haiku coming tomorrow. Over a hundred submissions so far, but you can still send yours to rudepundit_at_yahoo_dot_com. Make sure you say what you wanna be called and where you're from, just in case the Rude Pundit is drunk enough to think, "That tickles and/or moves me" and posts it on this grubby pages.