The Rude Pundit Is Doing the Debate Live on Rabble

You can read what that says there. It's the Rude Pundit and the irascible, irrepressible, incontinent Jeff Kreisler talking shit during the Republican debate tomorrow night at 8:30 or 9 pm ET or whenever the fuck CNN starts the goddamn thing. The name of our little show is, yes, Swearing In. And you can hashtag that puppy.

Join us by listening in or by signing up for Rabble so you can comment to us while we're commenting. Either way, shit's free. It's like the greatest circle jerk that's not a Fox "news" debate. You can bet we'll make lots of Hitler jokes, and the Rude Pundit will refer to Donald Trump as a "barely sentient flaming bag of shit," among other things.

So tune your TV to the debate and your computer to Rabble. We'll be getting drunk and making the whole sad spectacle a little more tolerable. Think of us as the lube for a prostate exam. No one wants their prostate fingered for non-sexual purposes, so thank Christ for vaseline.