"Fools who don't learn" and More Haiku Review of 2015

From Gin Martini in New Jersey:

Doomed to Repeat

Our boots on the ground
Will Stop ISIS in its tracks
Say fools who don’t learn.

From RW in Sams Valley:

Stopped by cop today.
Got ticket, now home with wife.
By the way, I'm white.

From Pipervin in New Jersey:

A Fucknut’s New Year Resolution

Let’s make sure the gays
blacks and muslim heathen trash
are gone from our land

From Shitfaced in Seattle:

Piss their pants and lose
Their shit over everything.

From Radical Russ Bellville of The Russ Belville Show:

There were as many
GOP candidates as
Syllables in this

From BB in Los Angeles:

Reverse Trump Logic

If we got rid of
All white male Fox News junkies,
Muslims might feel safe.

From Daphne C. in Springfield, IL:

Donald Trump never
Wanted to BE President
It's just too much work.

From the Frito Pundito in Berkeley:

"There is no climate
change," he said, applying sun
screen on Christmas Day.

From Erv in Medina:

I will miss Yogi
my favorite ball player
plays for angels now

From Fio in Colorado Springs:

Cheney got his bust
Should have put his new heart there
It'd be happy.

Tomorrow we'll put a bow on 2015 just after we wrap it tonight. No need to send more haiku unless yer hankerin' to express yerself.

Bye, 2015.
You were a mostly shit year.
Here's to sad, false hope.