The Rude Pundit's Haiku Review of 2015 (Part 2)

Good Guys Without Guns

If I didn't think
Every person was packing
I'd feel much safer.

Marriage, Please

The Supreme Court told
Homophobes, "Keep your God's hands
Off our civil rights."

Fear in Context (USA)

If you're more frightened
Of ISIS than climate change,
You deserve the floods.

Fear in Context (Paris)

They hit a rock show
And satirists, not churches,
Bastions of the left.

Fear in Context (Refugees)

"Let the orphans drown,"
We're told by assholes who think
Fear trumps compassion

(So far the Rude Pundit has received somewhere in the neighborhood of a shit-ton of haiku so far from the good people of the rudiverse. Keep 'em coming. You can send your end-o'-the-year three-liner to: rudepundit_at_yahoo_dot_com, and he'll start posting his favorites tomorrow. Remember to include the name you want to be called and a general idea of where you're from, like "Douche Canoe from Chicago" or some such shit, so you can get credit.)