Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Freebase Candy Canes: This is what it looked like at the entrance of the Valley Stream Wal-Mart on Long Island, NY last Friday. According to the caption, "The man in the yellow is trying to help people who fell down, the woman under the man's arm was knocked down and is getting up." The store opened at 5 a.m. People had been waiting for hours to get the extremely limited number of special bargains on things like computers and DVD players and other crap that Wal-Mart offers to entice people to the store. Once those are gone, one is told, that's it for that particular bargain. No raincheck for you, motherfuckers. The caption continues, "When the doors opened the crowd rushed into the store, a number of people were knocked down including a Wal-Mart worker who subsequently died." The family of that worker is suing Wal-Mart and the Nassau County cops. Lets be clear here: it wasn't one of the frothing mad shoppers who was trampled to death. It wasn't one of the (let's be frank) rioters. It was someone who was ill-trained to keep order who got killed. The bitches and cocksuckers who ran over Jdimytai Damour, thinking that a sale on Wii games was more important than a human life? Fuck them. Send 'em to prison on Christmas Eve. With their kids watching. When the Rude Pundit first heard about this, which took the edge off the bourgeois glee that the media usually displays when showing the Black Friday rioters, he thought, "God, no wonder people in other countries hate us." In other places, when refugees chase after relief trucks carrying bags of rice, we think it uncivilized. Here, if you shove others to the ground in hopes of saving a couple of bucks on Anal-Probe Elmo or what the fuck ever, we call it enthusiasm. By the way, not only was a pregnant woman injured in the insane onslaught (and if she was stupid enough to be there in the surge, then, you know, fuck her, too), but the cops let people finish their shopping before they questioned them. Which seems a bit, well, harmful to any investigation. Wal-Mart ought to be prosecuted for inciting a riot.