Christmas Treats: A Very Cheney Christmas:
Let's give this one last spin before the era of his horror is over and jokes like these are curiosities of the past. It's a track from the 2005 recording you see over there, The Year of Living Rudely, a never-blogged piece written by the Rude Pundit that celebrates the yearly White House tradition of an administration member reading a Christmas story to children each yuletide. It's a look back, with a spotlight on a sad Colin Powell, a crazy (what else?) John Bolton, and a repressed Laura Bush. And then there's Cheney.

So gather the family 'round, burn the last of your worthless 401k to keep warm, and listen to "A Very Cheney Christmas":

To give props, it was produced by the enthusiastically rude Kevin Thomsen and it features the Rude Pundit, Erik Bergmann, Donna Coney Island, and Skippy Crandall.

Happy Hanukkah/Christmas/Kwanzaa/Ba'al's Sodomize-Your-Neighbor Day/Whatever.

(Oh, guess it's an opportunity for promotion: if you wanna remember the nightmare, you can order the CD or download tracks by clicking here or, if you're orally inclined, over on the patriotic mouth.)

(And if you're havin' problems with the player there, it is easier to hear it over at Podbean.)