End of the Year Haiku, 2008 (Part 1: The Election):
Horror Movie Campaign
1. Sarah Palin sucked
the life out of John McCain
like a vampire moose.

2. Prez Bill Clinton was
a hungry, running zombie
with gore in his teeth.

3. Did Giuliani
really think America
needs Nosferatu?

4. Hillary Clinton
was as tough to defeat as
Jason on crack rock.

5. McCain sold his soul
to Karl Rove, who crushed it like
a frightened hawk’s heart.

A Bad Year for Fox “News”

Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright,
madrassas, Muslims, and more:
flea farts in the wind.

Happy Endings

Obama said, “Yes,
we can.” And we finally
believed that we could.

(The Rude Pundit will be back later with more haiku. And you can send yours. So far, the poems have been a-pouring in. Keep 'em coming - except you, John H. You've had way too much to drink.)