Hey, McCain Campaign: Here's What Actually Goes on in Sturgis During the Biker Rally (Updated):
(Strange as it may be for the Rude Pundit to say this, the links below contain images that are not safe for work. Really. And it's all for the sake of journalism and as a corrective to the PG-13 shit other websites are linking to about the Miss Buffalo Chip pageant.)

The Bike Rally in Sturgis, SD, where John McCain offered up his wife for the annual beauty pageant at the Buffalo Chip campground, is a favorite of public nudity photo and video aficionados, with DVDs for sale and websites out there just for the sake of showing biker chick nipples and pussy, including that on display on the very stage where McCain and his uncomfortable wife stood. Indeed, many people seem to go to the rally only because you're pretty much guaranteed to see boobs, painted and clean.

This is not to mention the drugs. Lots of them.

John McCain's cheery appearance there is a tacit approval of the event. And while the Rude Pundit and many of you may not give a shit how consenting adults have a fun time, there's a good chance a number of allegedly moralistic Republicans might. Unless, of course, they're just hypocritical assholes.

Update: Darrel Plant offers personal experience of why McCain just may have been in Sturgis.