The Rude Pundit Heading to Minneapolis During Republican Convention:
Anyone got some spare press passes hanging around? (See note below.)

So, like, the header pretty much says it all. Through a series of bizarre and fortunate acts and incidents, the Rude Pundit is now working with a group of crazed, talented people, almost all of them filthy-mouthed fuckers, writing for former Air America host and creator of The Daily Show Lizz Winstead's weekly stage show, Shoot the Messenger.

And the show is heading up to Minneapolis to be performed at the Parkway Theater during the Republican National Convention, or, more specifically, September 2-4. Thus, the Rude Pundit is traveling to the Twin Cities to get his fried Twinkie on and make much mock. So, c'mon, rude Minneapolis boys and ruder St. Pauli girls, get your tickets to this damned funny show (with guests like Billy Bragg showing up, too). It's the antidote to your conservative stooge hangover.

But when he's not working, the Rude Pundit'll also be roaming the St. Paul streets, reporting to you from the protests and the gatherings, talking to people good and evil, posting audio interviews during the week of September 1. Oh, Michelle Bachmann, you nutzoid MILF, won't you shoot tequila with the Rude Pundit?

More info soon.

Note: The Rude Pundit was serious about the credentials. He'll behave if he gets into the convention so no one gets the boot. Scout's motherfucking honor. Anyone got space on their press credentials list? (Markos, the Rude Pundit's lookin' at you...)