A Word or Two Regarding Joe Biden:
Still in an ouzo haze (thanks, Talia), but here's a couple of observations from when the phone vibrated at 3 a.m.:

1. Biden's son is heading to Iraq. That's the kind of political street cred it takes something like five and a half years in a prison camp to earn.

2. Biden is a tough motherfucker. God tried to take him out with a double brain aneurysm, and Biden kicked God in the nuts. Don't you want a Vice President who can kick God in the nuts and not be allied with Satan?

3. Ron Fournier of the AP is a little bitch. Biden must have pissed him off somewhere down the road.

4. Yeah, he ain't perfect (see the Clarence Thomas hearings and his anti-Obama comments that are already being used against him). But if you're complaining, would you seriously have wanted the media talking about the tension between Obama and Clinton(s) for the next four to eight years? And would you have wanted to explain to every non-Virginian just who the fuck Tim Kaine is?

(An earlier version of this post said that Biden had brain cancer. It has been corrected to accurately reflect exactly how hard God tried to smite him. God's still gotta put an icepack on his balls whenever he thinks about Biden.)