Big Humpin' Thanks to the NOLA Guest Bloggers:
While the Rude Pundit was away on vacation, sucking down crabs and trying to avoid them, his place was taken over by seven bloggers from the joyously savage and savagely joyous city of New Orleans, giving you a ground's eye view of the sad mix of contempt and neglect with which the Crescent City has been treated since Hurricane Katrina, nearly three years ago.

So huge damn thanks to Dangerblond of Dangerblond, Oyster of Your Right Hand Thief, Eli Ackerman of We Could Be Famous, G-Bitch of The G-Bitch Spot, Bigezbear of Bigezbear and Humid City, Lord David of Humid City, and Karen Gadbois of Squandered Heritage. Keep reading them because they'll keep the rage heating your heart even when the chill of fall brings hopes of hope.