Photos That Make Racists Want to Suck Down a Last Bud Before Tasting the Sweet Tang of Gun Oil:

The Rude Pundit's avoided all of the breathless, excitable, and totally useless speculation over who the candidates are gonna choose for their VP. But one of the amusing parts of the discussion has been the "Fuck You, Joe Lieberman" school of outrage for the possibility that the Connecticut Senator might be John McCain's pick for the Vice President spot. The Rude Pundit says, "Fuck, yeah. Bring that shit on."

Look at it from the point of view of your average racist white Christian(ish) American. We'll make this one a male. He's already decided there's no fuckin' way he'll vote for a Muslim nigger who looks like he's got a razor in his back pocket. But then all of a sudden the white guy puts the kike on the ticket? That's the tipping point, motherfuckers. All of a sudden ARWCA is lookin' at Bob Barr or, more likely, just staying home on Election Day and cleaning his guns to get ready for either the blacks to rape his wife or the Jews to repossess his house.

And, hell, in terms of otherness, Lieberman's far, far Jewier than Obama's black, and therefore way more of a threat. Hell, the Rude Pundit's vaguely Jewish, and he wouldn't want to try to split a check at a restaurant with Lieberman. Most whites wouldn't even cross the street if they saw Barack Obama heading their way. We on the left should be encouraging McCain to hang with his good buddy, Hebraic Joe.

So go ahead, McCain campaign. Try to create that illusion of bipartisanship by putting the non-Democrat on your ticket. In terms of potential gains and losses of voters, it's a fuckin' wash.