Okay, I'll Only Do This Weekly: Join the Rude Pundit Patreon (or Just Get It All Now)

I'm gonna start annoying myself if I keep asking you to join the fuck up already over at the Rude Pundit Patreon page. So I'll limit this begging to once a week.

But it's a reminder that subscribing starts at just a single dollar, one buck, a fourth of anything with foam at Starbucks, $1 a month to get bonus posts that run the gamut from stories (like when I was a mall Santa) to politics (like my own crazy-ass Putin/Trump theories) to shit about movies and music and whiskey (when in doubt, always go with ones where the name starts with "b").

You also get me talking to you with audio Rude Storytime episodes exclusively for Patreon members.

It's all for $1, 3, 5, or 10 (or more). The more you donate, the more you get. And with a new Rude Pundit stage show coming in the next year, as well as more extended interviews from Another Goddamn Podcast, well, it's a goddamned embarrassment of riches. Or poors. Or something.

We're up over 250 amazing patrons, well on the way to making it so I can hire an audio editor for the podcast. The rude economy in action.

But if you don't wanna do that and you're thinking, "Fuck that. I don't wanna pay shit monthly. I'll pay you once and you can go fuck yourself, you greedy asshole," well, you just take a deep breath, pal, because if you donate $50 or more at PayPal (by clicking here or mashing that button on the side there), I'll send you the entire bunch of 2018 bonus blogs. That's stuff I wrote that was only published at Patreon.

It's over 60 pages of everything from naked ice-swimming to a deep dive into QAnon to a look at all the threats I get to discussions of Roseanne and Spike Lee. It's only available to Patreon subscribers or for the aforementioned $50 and up flat donation.

(Hell, if you print it out, it's like getting a new Rude Pundit book. Give it to friends and relatives, especially those who think Trump is the greatest president in history. It'll make their heads explode and you can dance in the viscera.)

So lots of ways to help make the rudeness spread eagerly and wide, like a kind and tender lover on a cold winter night.