The Rude Pundit's 8th Anniversary Wallet Grab Continues:
Yep, next Wednesday marks eight - count 'em on the Archive list: 8 - years of sodomy jokes, liberal ranting, and sweet, gentle lovemaking with readers. And, as is the way of many a blog, the Rude Pundit's asking you to spread the labial folds of your wallets or purses and toss some change into the tip jar so he can update the equipment and restock the bar (but, as he said yesterday, only if you can afford it - no guilt, no hard-sell here).

So you can contribute at PayPal or by clicking that button over there on the side.

Rich people can think of it as getting used to how much more they might have to pay in taxes.

And the Rude Pundit's taking your questions. He's gotten a few good ones so far. No silly ones yet. No profane ones. Have you all gotten serious in your old age? He'll answer some of 'em next week, so keep on emailing rudepundit_at_yahoo.com.

Oh, and he'll toss a couple of video treats your way, too. Whee. It's a party, and he's already drunk.