And on Monday, the Rude Pundit Had Writer's Block:
Yes, there is a great deal to talk about out there. In fact, tomorrow, the Rude Pundit will deal with President Obama's new proposal to wage class warfare, which undoubtedly means that we'll see hedge fund managers hanging from lamp posts and their property divided among the poor while the bodies of Goldman Sachs executives are tossed to the homeless to be used for meat in Bushville stews cooked up around in homeless camps around the nation.

Surely, you may say, there's the Republican candidates, the Pennsylvania electoral vote rigging, whatever the fuck the Solyndra thing is (yeah, yeah, but what it really is), Jose Padilla's sentence being overturned, war, war, and more war. But you know what? The Rude Pundit's got nothing. It's rare, true, but it happens, when the ability to articulate anything beyond "This bad. He mean" is absent and ignorance reigns (or, to coin a word, he's feeling "teabaggish").

He did have something this morning, on The Stephanie Miller Show:

But the Rude Pundit doesn't want to lie to you, and he doesn't want to crap something out for the sake of the crapping. The day has worn away. Work has been work. And the country turns on, tearing itself in two like mad Rumpelstiltskin being called by his proper name.