The Rude Pundit's 8th Anniversary Robbing of the Readers Continues:
Tomorrow, this unfair and imbalanced blog turns a big 8 years old. And to celebrate, the Rude Pundit's throwin' hisself a little party. He's making his once-every-coupla-years polite request for money in order to get a shiny new laptop and a few more bottles of Bulleit whiskey and Casa Noble tequila. You can click this button right here

or the one on the side over there. And just know that your donation is going to fund more rudeness with a hint of liver damage.

Or, if you're somebody who likes to get "things" for her or his "cash," feel free to purchase even more copies of The Rude Pundit's Almanack.

Also, the Rude Pundit's a-takin' questions and answerin' some of em. Like reader Neil, who misses Karl Rove's leather slave. (Recent readers should probably Google that, but not at work.) Well, Neil, Karl Rove's leather slave misses you. He misses your tender kisses up and down his body, with your extra tonguing on his taint. He misses your flowers and chocolates and the way that you'd go ass-to-ass with a double-sided dildo. It was romantic. You should call him, Neil, and you should run to him.

Along these lines, several readers have asked a variation of "What's the deal? You gay, bi, straight, what?" To which the Rude Pundit can only respond that he enjoys the pleasures of all sorts of orifices, most of them connected to human beings, and so should we all.

You can send your sexy questions to rudepundit_at_yahoo.com. More to be revealed tomorrow.

Oh, and one last thing: The Rude Pundit will be appearing at Words and Music 2011, a literary and, well, music conference in New Orleans. He'll be on a panel on internet stuff on Friday, November 11, and he'll be on a humor panel with Roy Blount, Jr. Saturday, November 12, as well as drinking all over the French Quarter for the weekend. He's gonna try to set up another non-conference gig while he's in the Crescent City.