Travel Day, But Still Time For a Smack or Two:
The Rude Pundit is sitting here at an airport, on his way to Cookeville, Tennessee where he'll give an audience a preview of his upcoming show, The Road To Rude (that's tomorrow night at the Backdoor Playhouse on the campus of Tennessee Tech University at 8 p.m., with singer Addie Brownlee). In line with his shoes off, he watched as two security agents discussed whether or not a jar of pesto a woman had constituted a liquid or gel. They finally decided it was solid enough not to be of worry to anyone but the very lactose intolerant.

So just a brief note or two here, maybe more later, certainly more tomorrow, on the ongoing state of fucktardery in which we exist:

Bush Campaigns For Insanely Conservative Mac Collins
This'd be one of those campaign stops where Bush bizarrely and with no sense of irony said that if Democrats get into power, they're going to create spending without paying for it. Mac Collins is a former rep from Georgia running against the not-quite as bugfuck insane Democrat Jim Marshall. Collins tried to portray the homophobic, anti-abortion, save the burning flags Marshall as a crazed liberal run amok, in one ad saying, "Jim Marshall voted with his liberal leader Nancy Pelosi and voted to waste our tax dollars printing election ballots in Spanish...Muchas Gracias, SeƱor Jim Marshall."

So George Bush is campaigning for someone who believes that ballots shouldn't be bilingual. Maybe it's a way to ensure Hispanic-American votes are so confused that Collins'll actually get some. But, fuck, with how gerrymandered the district is, it might not even matter.

More later.