Dispatches From This Savage Season:
Here's some advice about moral equivalency for Republican Christopher Shays, a putatively moderate Republican from Connecticut whose probably going to be swept away in the coming "Destroy All Republican Incumbents" tide, and who, in a fit of anger at Ted Kennedy's campaigning for his opponent and the Democrats' call for Dennis Hastert to spend more time at the Yorkville, Illinois, Dairy Queen, where he can ask teenage boys if they want a spoonful of his Blizzard, said, "I know the speaker didn't go over a bridge and leave a young person in the water, and then have a press conference the next day. Dennis Hastert didn't kill anybody":

Sure, sure, it seems, one can be certain, to yer Michelle Malkin-types, that it's "ooh, snap" for Shays. But, you know, it doesn't fucking matter if Ted Kennedy was a serial killer whose M.O. was to drive women in his car off bridges, drown them, fuck their corpses, bring them back to the Kennedy Cave, reanimate them, fuck them again, and then drown them one more time by driving them off a bridge. It has no bearing at all on whether or not Dennis Hastert should be Speaker of the House. But it sure makes a cute little pick-up line if you wanna bang Ann Coulter, and it shows us just how low things can go in this savage election season.

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