Because It Needs To Be Said: Matt Drudge Protests Way Too Much:
Now, why in the world would not-so-closeted gay guy Matt "I Stole This Hat From Walter Winchell's Skeletal Remains" Drudge defend admitted creep Mark Foley? Why would Drudge blame the teenagers who Foley was virtual cruising over internet messaging? What reason, and there aren't many to choose from, could Drudge have for calling the boys "these impressionable, young 17 year-old beasts" who were "egging the Congressman on" by revealing bits and pieces of their masturbatory lives? Can anyone say why Drudge would actually say, "I'm just saying from reading these instant messages, this wasn't coerced. I mean, this wasn't somebody -- the kid was having fun with this. These LOLs throughout the entire conversation, these 'laugh out louds,'" as if "LOL" excuses Foley?

Huh. Now the Rude Pundit's not saying that Matt Drudge is a pathetic loser who trawls the internet for young men so he can pretend that the adolescent mindlessly tapping away on the other end really loves him. The Rude Pundit's not saying that Matt Drudge weepingly jacks off all over his giant LCD monitor to the MySpace pages he's directed to by the high school boys, playing the new Evanescence or some My Chemical Romance on his iPod so he can believe he's one of them, Peter Fuckin' Pan instead of Matt Drudge, bottom feeder toady and water carrier for the conservative right who would abandon him faster than he can ejaculate to an IM about naked adolescent ass, LOL. No, no, the Rude Pundit's not saying that Drudge is defending Foley and attacking the teens because of this. But the Rude Pundit's not saying he's isn't, either.