Three Years of Rudeness: Open Yer Purses and Show the Love, Part 4:
Today is the first day of year four of the Rude Pundit. It's a motherfuckin' birthday. It's also the last day the Rude Pundit's gonna outright say, "Give up the cash, bitch. There's work to be done."

Around the globe, in amounts small and not-so-small, people have been kindly givin' their money for the cause of putting on a new Rude Pundit show (and maybe to buy a beer or two). And for that, the Rude Pundit is much appreciative.

So, for the last day, for those who have been wondering, "What can I do to show the Rude Pundit how much I love his high, hard bloggery?" there's the button on the right that reads "Make a Donation." Use your love arrow and poke that fucker.