Why Michelle Malkin Ought To Be Caged Like a Rabid Shih-Tzu, Part 782:
Oh, fuck, at this point, can anyone point to a reason why the cruelly snarling Malkin shouldn't be interned without charge or trial for the duration of, well, hell, let's just say for the duration? 'Cause lately, the vicious she-beast (who lives by the dictum: "If you think Ann Coulter is crazy, watch me eat my own poo") has been practicing cuntistry at such a fevered level that it's like watching humping wolverines.

As Glenn Greenwald points out, ideological consistency is as important to Malkin as a long-term mate is to a black widow spider. While Malkin has essentially said that anything the Bush administration does to torture, maim, or deprive of rights anyone merely tangentially suspected of having passed by an Islamic radical in the street is a-o-fuckin'-kay, she's got her vinyl thong in a crotch twist over the death sentence of three Catholics in Indonesia convicted, at a trial, no less, of having masterminded a massacre of 200 Muslims. See, apparently some of the evidence was "rejected by the court" and some witnesses weren't allowed to testify. So the condemned are appealing to the International Criminal Court.

And one day later, as in today, Malkin's linking to nutzoid right wingers who think that anything approaching rights for terrorism suspects is capitulation to the point that we may as well be growing our beards and blowing up our Christian idols now. For instance, here's one of Malkin's links, the National Review's Andrew "Not the St. Elmo's Fire Guy" McCarthy in USA Today on the case of Maher Arar, the innocent Canadian arrested by the U.S. and renditioned to Syria for torture. Malkin calls Arar "the new liberal cause celebre." McCarthy opines of the Arar error, "[W]ith the lives of 300 million Americans at stake, the United States cannot make national security policy based on individual anecdotes about government roguishness."

One imagines that while Arar was being held for ten months in a cell the size of a casket in a dungeon in Syria, only taken out for torture sessions, he must have been thinking, "Man, all these electrodes on my nuts, regular beatings, and things shoved up my ass really suck for me, but, hey, if it protects 300 million Americans, I'm willing to take one for the team." Yeah, those anecdotes, it's too bad they have to be made of flesh sometimes.

Malkin also agrees with the detention of AP photographer Bilal Hussein. Hussein, whose photos of the real violence occurring in Iraq made him a target for right wing blogs, has been held without charges for five months now by the American military, who suspect him of collaborating with insurgents or "terrorists." AP and Reporters Without Borders have asked that he be charged or, you know, set the man free. Malkin will have none of that kind of pussy-ass assertion of rights for a fucker like Hussein. Screeches the she-beast, "Well before I reported on Hussein's capture, military bloggers and media watchdog bloggers had raised persistent questions over the past two years about Hussein's relationship with terrorists in Iraq and whether his photos were staged in collusion with our enemies."

Malkin is blaming AP for suppressing the story. She and her flying monkey bloggers have already convicted Hussein. Unlike the three tried and sentenced Catholics in Indonesia, who were no doubt victims of an unfair process, no trial is needed when the religion of the person is the wrong one.