Fox Lies On Its Website Regarding What Clinton Interview Would Be About:
If any conservative mongers of cock want to try to defend Chris "Fucking Liar" Wallace and Fox "News" for its sneak attack on Bill Clinton, even the Fox "News" website promotes what Clinton said the interview was going to be. For the Fox "News" Sunday page contains this as a teaser, written, one presumes, before Wallace jumped Clinton with allegation that the former president did little stop Osama Bin Laden:

"On FOX News Sunday this week: Former President Bill Clinton brought together hundreds of influential heads of state, international policymakers, corporate heavyweights, and religious leaders this week to address major global challenges. We will sit down with the nation's 42nd president to discuss his second annual Clinton Global Initiative, as well as the Democrats chances of winning back Congress, and his wife's presidential aspirations.

"President Clinton recently said that he will have to live to be a 'very old man' if he is to accomplish as much out of office as he did during his eight years in the White House. But the former president has found a calling in confronting global challenges and raised billions of dollars toward solving issues like religious conflict, climate change, and global public health and poverty. We will discuss his success thus far in bringing together a wide range of partners, raising funds, and empowering individuals to cure many of the world's ills. In addition, we will gain his insights into the state of the war on terrorism, the upcoming midterm elections, and 2008 presidential politics."

Huh. Wonder where Clinton got the idea that they'd be talking about the present and not the past.