Three Years of Rudeness: Open Yer Purses and Show Some Love:
This week marks the third anniversary of the Rude Pundit's adventures in Left Blogsylvania. And he wants money. He ain't gonna beg. He ain't gonna plead. He's gonna lean in real close and whisper in your ear, "C'mon, baby, open wide and give the Rude Pundit all you can."

So click on that mighty "Make a donation" button over there on the right; click it hard. Press it, slap it, treat it like your bitch. You know you wanna. You know you wanna show the Rude Pundit your love 'cause it'll make you feel so goddamn good.

(Donations this time around are going to producing the Rude Pundit's new show, The Road to Rude. And he's thinking hard about touring.)