Update to the Update of the Earlier Post:
In a stunning display of adherence to accuracy, Bill O'Reilly's website has updated its link to the Candles Museum in order to reflect the actual URL. Thus, Bill O'Reilly and/or his people have accepted the Rude Pundit's kind holiday gift.

No longer will the ghosts of the child victims of Joseph Mengele be forced to haunt O'Reilly manor. But, oh, how the Rude Pundit still wants to hear the echoing howls and horrible rubbing sounds of a live mike making rough trade of O'Reilly's anus.

(Again, thanks to rude reader Alan, who, really, and, c'mon, needs to be looking at more internet porn, unless he's jackin' off to O'Reilly's site, which is both disturbing and titillating.)