More End of the Year Haiku:
Yesterday, the Rude Pundit started turning Japanese by reviewing the year through the magic of haiku. Today, the desecration of this ancient form of poetry continues (but, then again, how much was 2005 a desecration of so many other things? Why should haiku get a free pass?).

Katrina wrecked lives,
Pickled New Orleans, blew clothes
Off the emperor

A Good Meal
Brownie finished his
Dinner while bloated blacks bobbed
Like large fishing lures

If Then
We won’t think again
About Pakistan until
Spring thaws the corpses

Scenes From a Ditch
Cindy Sheehan asked
For truth and some compassion
From a mute fence post

A Judiciary Comparison
Roberts, Alito.
The only difference is
Who’ll fuck us harder

2005 For the Reality-Based Community
A dry, spiked dildo
Roughly, savagely jammed in
An anxious anus

And here's a couple of haiku for George Bush sent in from rude readers (feel free to play along and submit your own):

From Stuart:
he lied and he spied
high crimes and misdemeanors
impeach the bastard

From Todd:
Strumming cool guitar
Black people die in city
Heck of a year Chimp