A Few Quick Words From the Readers Before We Bid This Year Farewell (Haiku Version):
The Rude Pundit offered his 2005 re-cap in haiku form. The rude readers have responded with their own three line poems of (more or less) five, seven, and five syllables. Here's a few of the best:

From Dave:
Leading safely from afar
Clean hands, dirty soul

From Thomas:
Smug reality
Check those facts again Rummy
Gin might help today

From Hugh:
Randy Cunningham
Took a million bucks in bribes
What a fucking whore

From Chaz:
Lies, lies, and more lies
Like a sandpaper dildo
In hand of Limbaugh

From Jason:
Condoleezza Rice
Touring the globe in hopes of
Fooling them again

From M. Douglas:
Endless privilege
of skull and bones alumni
rape sweet liberty

From Iris:
Mommy, rub my back,
Condi, tell me I'm great,
Laura, get me a drink

From Lloyd:
Imperial smirk
dismisses lost lives and limbs,
gulf cities, honor.

From Tracy:
My anus is raw
Five long years of ass fucking
Life of a sex slave

'Nuff said. Bye, 2005. May you rot in hell, old man.