These Evil Motherfuckers Won't Be Satisfied Until We're All Dead and/or Dumb (Part 2: Dead)

Yeah, Donald Trump, listening to the most savage cockfleas in his inner circle of cockfleas, twatmites, and sphincterworms, wants the Supreme Court to overturn the entire Affordable Care Act, as a discredited decision from a federal court in Texas said should happen. The hitch for Trump is that the same five justices who upheld the ACA last time are still on the court. Remember: Kennedy wanted to overturn it; Roberts upheld all but the Medicare expansion. And the idea that John Roberts would want his legacy as Chief Justice to be that he kicked 20 million people off health insurance and allowed thousands of Americans to die is almost laughable.

Of course, we live in a filthy time when the laughably ludicrous and the unimaginably cruel dance madly with each other until they leap off a cliff and drag the rest of us with them.

The Dumb Orange Motherfucker in the White House couldn't give two jiggles of his jowls about whether or not people die, or even if those dead people come from his base. He wants to destroy one of the few remaining accomplishments of Barack Obama, who dared to be president while black. And Trump despises that nothing he has done and nothing he has ever done or will ever do will be as popular and important as Obamacare is right now. Not his worthless wall, not his fake peace with North Korea, not his debt-driving tax cuts. And not his terrible TV show and shitty buildings and forgotten books. So, fuck it, people must die to prove he can kill them.

Or at least he can tell the idiot hordes that populate his rallies of the damned that he's trying to murder them. Because they are hordes of idiots, they will yawp and roar in approval and chant, "Murder us! Murder us!" Nothing could be better than being murdered by Donald Trump, right, MAGA cretins? If he was chosen by God, then that's like being raptured. Fuckin' morons.

To be vaguely fair, Trump has promised that he's going to have a replacement for the ACA that will be so awesome you won't believe it. An aide to Vice President Mike Pence, who is the human embodiment of feeling constipated, said there will be a GOP health care plan this year, before the expected Supreme Court case, which would likely be decided in mid-2020.  Yes, this brain trust is going to do what Republicans haven't been able to do for the last 9 years. Get Jared on it.

Even Mitch McConnell has said, "Yeah, no, fuck this shit" about Trump's stand on the ACA. Although he has promised he will be a total dickhead about Medicare-for-All. So...points for consistency?

Of course, the ACA is the major way that these evil motherfuckers are trying to kill us. In ways large and small and medium, the Trump administration is trying to makes us sick, weak, and dead. Like: what is the rationale for slowing and threatening to cut aid to Puerto Rico, still suffering from the devastation of Hurricane Maria? Fuck 'em and let 'em die.

Check out some of the cuts in the dead-on-arrival 2020 budget the White House put out. In fact, let's just look at the Department of Health and Human Services.

For instance, there's a 12% cut in the Centers for Disease Control, that includes eliminating funding to universities for research and eliminating funding to states for studying climate and health, not to mention programs for alcoholism, glaucoma, and promotion of breastfeeding.

In the Administration for Children and Families, it's a $6.6 billion cut in funding, another 12% reduction from this year. This shit is just pure cruelty. There's a 10% cut in Temporary Assistant for Needy Families in order to "promote self-sufficiency" in, you know, needy families. Perhaps the most insidious cut is $91 million in refugee assistance to "reflect the expectation that fewer refugees and other entrants will enter the U.S. in FY 2020." There it is. We're not even gonna fund for allowing more brown refugees to defile our virginal white America.

Oh, and the budget cuts completely $3.7 billion in Low Income Home Energy Assistance, so, you know, poor, elderly people can die of heat exposure or freeze to death.

Yeah, they're gonna kill a bunch of us, but, man, that wall's gonna be so fuckin' pretty when it's made of our bones.