The Future New York Times Profile of Today's Bomber

For about an hour, Jesse MAGA Dogspit held forth about why he officially changed his middle name to the abbreviation for Donald Trump's campaign slogan. "I wanted everyone to know whenever I filled out a form or picked up my disability check that I am a Trump man through and through," he said over a pile of PVC pipe, nails, wires, and fireworks powder, the ingredients for his bespoke bombs that he has gifted to Democrats as a show of dissent from what he sees as political correctness gone amok.

Mr. Dogspit, who allowed us to say that his location is "somewhere real Americans live," walked to his Ford pickup truck dressed in gray Dickies coveralls, a red Make America Great Again hat "that never leaves my head, even when I'm lovin' up my wife," and Caterpillar steel-toe boots. He took a bag of timers he purchased at a local hardware store out of the front seat. "Earl down at the Ace, he knows what I'm doing," he explained. "He gave me a discount because of it."

Born in southwestern Pennsylvania and moving frequently, Mr. Dogspit has been a constant presence on Reddit and 4Chan message boards for the last three years. Under the username "LibtardSkullfucker," he has spun out some of the most incendiary, and, for many, insightful commentary of the age of Trump.  In an email, TrumpIsGod8814, a moderator on the subreddit r/The_Donald_Is_Mein_Fuhrer, told the Times, "LibtardSkullfucker is the man. He can tell you how Hillary Clinton's stinky pussy is a toxic waste dump that would have poisoned America and you'll think, 'Damn, that makes sense.'" He signed the email, "Send nudes."

Some of Mr. Dogspit's most popular posts include "George Soros Is Gonna Get Bombed," "Hillary Clinton Is Gonna Get Bombed," "CNN Is Gonna Get Bombed," and "Barack Obama and Eric Holder Are Gonna Get Bombed." One anonymous 4Chan user said, "I like his posts because he says who he wants to bomb."

Mr. Dogspit will be the first to tell you that his beliefs aren't for everyone, but he refuses to be labeled by "those damn liberal traitors." He explained, "I'm not racist because I don't hate niggers for being black or spics for being Mexican. I hate 'em 'cause they're lazy. That's not racist. That's common sense. If you show me a nigger or spic who's hard-working, I say let 'em clean our floors or mow our lawns." This audacious approach to what some might call extreme conservative positions makes Mr. Dogspit seem like a younger and more foul-mouthed President Trump than a dangerous mad bomber. "What am I saying that Mr. President Trump, sent by the Lord to save America the Beautiful, isn't saying?" he said several times during the interview. "Besides, Democrats want socialism and open borders, so they're the real racists."

In the evening, Mr. Dogspit spends most of his time on chatrooms and message boards. In addition to r/The_Donald_Is_Mein_Fuhrer, he is a regular and popular figure on subreddits like  r/HillaryIsALizardPerson and r/Trump_Prophesies, and 4Chan boards like JewOvens and LynchTheObamas. "I know what I say isn't for everyone, but my people understand where I'm coming from," he smirked, pointing at the number of upvotes his latest post "I'm a nationalist, too!" He gave us an innocuous "OK" gesture.

Leaving for the evening, Mr. Dogspit said he had some errands to run and he wouldn't be back until morning. His wife, Mary Ivanka Dogspit, came out of their antique mobile home and said, "Aw, he's just gotta go make some meth. Bomb parts don't pay for themselves." She pointed as the bruises on her arms and said, "Aw, he just gets excited when we're makin' love. He wants me to talk like President Trump, and when I can't, he hits me. I'll just have to practice more." She stared after where he had driven away. "He plays the guitar. He tell you that? Sings like an angel."