15 Years of This Here Blog: Join Up for More Rudeness, Including Audio Fun

So here's the thing: Last year, after well over a decade of writing for free at this joint (except for begging for money every couple of years for a new computer and whiskey, sweet mother's milk of whiskey), I started a Patreon page where monthly donors get new shit either every week or every month, depending on the donation level. It's a little looser there, with funny stories and pop culture stuff. Still a good deal of politics, but not exclusively.

In the last couple of months, I did a dive into the QAnon Reddit page, wrote about the undocumented immigrant neighbor of mine who helped stop crime on my block, reviewed Spike Lee's BlacKkKlansman, and posted audio stories about when I was involved in protests against South Africa and that time I was assaulted by performance artist Karen Finley. In other words, it's a lot of fun, it's freewheeling, and it's cheap as fuck.

How cheap? For $1 a month you get 1 audio post and 1 exclusive blog post (meaning I'm not putting it on the Rude Pundit blog) each month.

For $3 a month, you get weekly stuff, sometimes even more than weekly, including 2 audio posts. Like, for instance, I'm posting daily this week for Patreon as I tell some stories from the last 15 years of sweaty, stanky bloggery. It's "A History of Rudeness."

And my podcast, Another Goddamn Podcast, will be starting up again next week. If you donate at the $5 a month level, you get exclusive extended interviews, along with all the other shit. Already, donors have heard more from Molly Jong-Fast, Jo Miller, and Joe Harris than if you just got it through your iTunes store or Stitcher.

If you donate $10 a month, then I'll get you some tickets when the next Rude Pundit show happens (and it might be happening sooner than you think, like in the next year).

For all the loyal and disloyal readers of the blog, I'm still posting there, wild and free and naked as it ever was. Enjoy it and pass it along. Hate it and threaten to murder me. The internet is the id unleashed and unhinged, and I am happy to let mine wander with abandon.

But if the Patreon gets up high enough with the monthly donations, I want to be able to pay people to write some stuff and produce some stuff. Hell, I'd just like to pay someone to edit the podcast other than me. And maybe travel to some places to do recordings at rallies and events. I got plans, in other words. Oh, and, yeah, whiskey and weed and maybe one or two other sinful things will be purchased.

So come on along and join the nearly 200 people who have gotten on the bonus rudeness train. If you join now, you can have instant access to the dozens of posts already there. That's at least a full night of me and you, all alone, on your lap and in your ears.

(By the way, if you wanna just toss a couple of bucks in the guitar case, you can still donate right here or over on that "Donate" button on the side.)