"It Was a Big Solving": That Kanye Visit to Trump Was Even Weirder and Stupider Than You Heard

Yeah, there's a lot of fucked up shit going on. A chunk of the Florida panhandle was wiped out, along with flooding and other destruction along Hurricane Michael's path. The Trump administration's jovial cruelty towards immigrant children continues with no one held accountable. And, speaking of lack of accountability, the murder of Washington Post writer Jamal Khashoggi hasn't caused even a ripple in Trump's love fest with Saudi Arabia.

But it's Friday, and you already understand that, while all the above and so much more were going on, Trump found time in his busy schedule of TV viewing, shitting out Big Macs while tweeting, and golfing to squeeze in a meeting with rapper, clothing designer, and professional whiner Kanye West, along with former football player and convicted felon Jim Brown. And while you may have heard about Kanye saying weird shit like "Trump is on his hero’s journey right now. And he might not have expected to have a crazy motherfucker like Kanye West run up and support," you missed the discussion of North Korea.

Yes. North Korea.

Here you go, straight from the White House. You paid for this motherfuckin' transcript. You may as well enjoy it. You could title it "Dumb Motherfuckers in DC":

"MR. BROWN: And I like North Korea.

THE PRESIDENT: I like North Korea too.

MR. BROWN: (Inaudible.)

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah. Yeah. Well, he’s — turned out to be good. Dialogue. We had a little dialogue. And Secretary of State just came back — Mike. He just came back from North Korea. We had very good meetings, and we’ll meet again. But we’re doing good. No more nuclear testing. No more missiles going up. No more nothing. And it’s — that was headed to war. That was headed to war.

MR. BROWN: Yeah. I mean, it was — to me, it seemed like that.

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah. It was so close. We spoke — I spoke to President Obama. I will tell you, that was headed to war. And now it’s going to be — I believe it’s going to work out very well.

MR. WEST: You stopped the war —

THE PRESIDENT: We really stopped the war. Saved millions of lives. You know, Seoul has 30 million people. You don’t realize how big. Thirty million people who are right near the border; 30 miles off the border. Millions of people would have been killed. And I will say, Chairman Kim has been really good. Really good. And we’ve made a lot of progress.

That’s nice that you say that, because that’s a big — that’s a big thing. These folks were covering — they were covering North Korea not — I think not very promisingly. And there were a lot of problems. President Obama said that was his biggest problem. And I don’t say anything is solved —

MR. WEST: You, day one, solved one of the biggest problems.


MR. WEST: We solved one of the biggest problems.

THE PRESIDENT: It was a big solving. And not solved yet, but I think we’re along — I think we’re on the way."

Between that insanity and Jared Kushner seeming more uncomfortable than he had ever been in his entire, pasty-white life, America was, for just a moment, great again.