The Rude Pundit Mouthing Off During the Debate Tonight

Join the Rude Pundit and co-conspirator Jeff Kreisler for another evening of saying terrible things about the Republican presidential candidates during their debate. Join us on Rabble.tv.

You can listen to us MST3K the shit out of the debate on the internets while watching Donald Trump eat Ted Cruz's face on Fox Business channel on your TV. It'll be like we're sharing a couch or a bed or wherever the fuck your TV is.

Listening is free and you don't have to do shit but click a button. Or you can sign up for free to Rabble and join the awesome group that sends us comments during the broadcast. Listen for a little while or the whole time.

We'll be drinking lots of whiskey and probably be high, so who knows what the fuck we'll say.  But thousands of people have listened and had a blast (and some got mad and went away). Be one of them.

Tune in around 8:45 p.m. ET.