Housekeeping: Rabble Tonight and Live Rudeness on Monday

Just a quick pimping of a couple of things the Rude Pundit is up to:

1. Tonight, he'll be watching the sad GOP debate with Jeff Kreisler (we'll probably switch to Trump's rally a few times) and mocking the fuck out of it on Rabble. Here's how it works: watch the debate on your TV or whatever. Tune your computer into us on Rabble.tv. You'll hear us moan and insult and yell like we're all at a bar together. We drink whiskey. You choose what you like.

And it's all free. If you want, you can join the rabble on Rabble by signing up (for free, yes) and comment throughout. We read and interact with commenters on the air. Shit, we'd buy a round for everyone if we were in the bar.

2. On Monday night, up here in New York City, the Rude Pundit will be telling stories live and in person at the inaugural "Political Tales with Jeff Kreisler & Harmon Leon." And he won't be alone. In addition to the illustrious hosts, he'll be on stage with Sirius XM host and comedian John Fugelsang, cartoonist (whose book Snowden is great) Ted Rall, and writer/comedian Negin Farsad.

It's at Union Hall in Brooklyn at 8 p.m. on Monday, February 1. Tickets are only 7 bucks in advance and are selling fast. So we can all be at a bar together (but the Rude Pundit won't be buying everyone a round).

You'll laugh, you'll get angry, you might cry, and you'll see hipsters in their natural environment. That's a bargain.