Final Haiku Review of 2015 (Yeah, It's 2016 Now, But Go With It)

From Dave in Bumfuck, Maine:

Iran nuke deal inked
GOP loses their shit
"Let's bomb the fuckers"

From Dennis in St. Louis:

Trump in his own eye
Sees greatness in only one
Only Trump trumps all

From Prolix of the blog Widdershins:

I use catheters
Virtually painless they say
Unlike Donald Trump.

From Clobbersaurus (Just typin' what they write here):

An old man's party
Gets the person they deserve
While wringing their hands

From RotHaus in Milwaukee:

Now 2016,
campaign fever burns white hot.
Please, just kill me now.

And from Blyndrobin in upstate New York:

I read, vagina
Is kryptonite to the right
All chant vagina

Thanks to everyone who tossed one, two, or even ten little poems into the very large pot. If you didn't get included here, well, you didn't get included here.

Okay, 2016, let's see what you've got, motherfucker...