Rude Readers' Haiku Review of 2012:
Damn, you're all some haiku-writin' motherfuckers. The Rude Pundit asked for and received a full facial of little poems, with a couple of hundred sent in so far. He's picking through for ones that give him a little thrill in that electric area of taint-to-balls. It's totally subjective and not fair at all, like capitalism or e-dating. Here's the first bunch. More tomorrow.

From Becca M.:
Electoral Math

Mitt forgot enough
Minorities voting is
A majority

From Larry B.:
Deaf Ears

Election over
America has spoken
Tea bags should listen

From Chris W.:
Didn't want to run
But ran for ten years, because
Dancing horses suck

From Athenawise in New York City
Lonely Star State

Texas: "Let's secede."
The rest of the nation says,
"Good idea. When?"

From BB in Los Angeles
The Pot Calling Anybody Anything

Rush called Fluke a slut.
No birth control needed with
Dominican boys.

From Doug S.:
You want birth control?
Ev'ry day? Close your damned legs!
Here you go, you slut.

From Julia V.
what's more important--
foreclosures or abortions?
we found out this year.

From Phil K. in Wisconsin:
Villain of the Year
Governor Scottie Walker
Koch Brothers sex slave

From Nancy G.:
Wildfire, derecho,
drought, failure of the corn crop:
these are just previews.

From SPL:
Remote drone attack
It's like playing Nintendo
Home by five o'clock

From Sue in California
Fear Not

Pachyderms corralled
Obama stand firm, hit hard
A cliff I fear not

(You can keep sendin' 'em to "rudepundit@yahoo.com")