A Haiku Review of 2012 (and an Invitation to Haiku, Too):
For something like the 78th time in a row, the Rude Pundit is ending a year by going back to basics, ancient basics, and stemming the vomit of words that normally issues forth for something quieter. Yep, it's haiku time, where for a couple of days the Rude Pundit and rude readers look back on the awful and the wonderful of the dying year in brief poem form.

Part 1: Yes, That Election Happened

Not Newt
For some odd reason
Pundits thought Gingrich would win.
Blind men don't see bombs.

Enough Frothing
Santorum sought to
Secure the crazy voters.
Bachmann said, "Not me?"

Revenge of a Lost Romney
Up in dog heaven
Seamus is laughing out loud.
Who needs shit hosed now?

Rafalca Shook Her Head
Camp Romney tried hard
Too make an ass a stallion.
Voters know a fake.

Why "Why?" Is Easy

Obama trounced Mitt
In ways that boggled the right.
Facts do matter, Fox.

Why "Why?" Is Easy II
It seems that women
Like body freedom, hate rape.
Repubs don't get that.

The Rude Pundit will have more coming soon. But he's inviting you, oh, sweet readers, to submit your own haiku about 2012. For instance, leaping to the front of the line is Mona P., who sent in this little number:

Playing Chicken With 2013
Dodged the Mitt bullet
Blew past the Mayan doomsday.
Fiscal cliff? Yee Haa!

See? That's simple. One line of five syllables, one line of seven, a last line of five. You don't need to send a title or a bribe, although both are welcome. Email your haiku to "rudepundit@yahoo.com". The best'll be tossed up here Monday and, perhaps, Tuesday.