A Haiku Review of 2012, Part 2: Gun Crazy:
(Yesterday, the Rude Pundit began his annual attempt to encompass the year in as few words as possible. And he invited rude readers to send in their own haiku as 2012 gasps its last breaths. So far, he's gotten an Iliad's worth of verse, and he wants more. Keep those haiku a-coming. Send 'em to "rudepundit@yahoo.com" and the best will be posted on Monday and Tuesday. Now, on with the show...)

Death in Florida
Trayvon was shot dead.
The NRA backed up George.
Can't blacks stand their ground?

Death in Colorado
Crazy-eyed coward.
Theater of sitting ducks.
Joker would be pleased.

Death in Wisconsin
Hate crime against Sikhs
By a racist thug who bought
his gun legally.

Death in Chicago

More murdered children
By guns than Newtown times six.
One year, one city.

Death in Newtown

The funeral home
Laid to rest eleven kids,
Didn't take a dime.