The Rude Readers' Haiku Review of 2012 (The End):
That's it. After today, we're done with haiku for a while, and we're done with looking back on that bastard of a year, 2012.

From Bernie J.:
Biggest hero of
Twenty-twelve? The waiter who
Caught Mitt’s real feelings  

From Dan L.:
Old Man Clint Eastwood
Conversed with a chair. Now Mitt
Is shit out of luck

From Karen H. in Connecticut:
If mom didn't have
All those damned guns in the house
No kids would have died  

From Ginny R.:
Leaching teachers on
The public teat, radicals
Now let’s give them guns.  

From TheraP:
Christmas Eve, our town
Lost a cop, shot on duty
By her Gulf vet spouse.  

From Libbyliberal:  
Defense Spending
Quagmires of blood, fed
troops by Congress-whores for goals
of Vampire Lobbies.

From Tom M.:
Ice caps melted fast
Sandy submerged the East Coast
It is still a "myth."  

From Radical Russ:
Colorado and
Washington legalized weed
Sky remains in place

From Sarah P.:  
Bake Mama Some Brownies
Who needs Amsterdam?
Roll on, Columbia, and
Rocky Mountain High!  

From Rabbit Earz:
A genius excuse!
Hillary's "concussion" keeps
her from a lynching.  

From David B.:
Taint Nuthin' Toit
A ball-less scrotum
Under Mitch McConnell’s head
Embodies Repugs

From Diane M.

Old Veterans

Survived WW2
Busted my ass for long years
Die in poverty

From Vince G.:
Four years running, Rude
I never made the big time
You still dissin’ me.

Let's go 2013. Bring on your wrecking ball. Back to regular rudeness tomorrow.