The Results of Rick Snyder's "Relentless Positive Action":

Every time some grovelling dog Republican fucktards say the word "Bipartisanship," they should be punched in the throat, and we should be allowed to point and laugh as they attempt to breathe through all the blood being coughed up.

Today's example of pure partisanship on the part of Republicans comes to us from Michigan, where the majority Republicans are finishing their work ramming through a right-to-work law that Republican Governor Rick Snyder, who used to at least pretend to bipartisanship and said he wasn't interested in right-to-work, has said he will sign, even though it'll pass without a single Democrat voting for it, which is generally not what is called "bipartisan."

Back in August, Snyder joined up with three other governors, one Republican and two Democrats, to found the National Governors Auto Caucus to deal with, you know, issues related to automobile manufacturing. In a speech about the group's purpose, Snyder said, "The American political landscape is way too divisive and it’s not constructive. We’re trying to find common-ground solutions." He also said, "In Michigan, collaboration is one way we are reinventing our state. A lot of our economic success has to do with the auto industry and Michiganders coming together to work and win." Perhaps that success has to do with the unions? Nah, that'd be too...what's the word?...bipartisan.

In that same month, Snyder was part of a forum on the "innovation economy," which is generally just shorthand for "How can we innovatively dick over workers?", and he proclaimed, "What we've done in Michigan -- I call it 'relentless positive action.' I get up every day, no blame, I never blame anyone, don't take credit. I'm hired to solve problems, and be relentless about solving one problem after another."

You know what? This post doesn't need much more of a punchline than "Michigan Governor Rick Snyder believes in relentless positive action." And then look back at the picture up there of the thousands of protesters marching on the locked capitol. The feed on Michigan Live just said, "A tent for the Americans for Prosperity, a pro-right-to-work group, has been torn down by protesters. Anger in the crowd appears to be escalating."

Good. Fuck these assholes. It's time to shut shit down. Hopefully, they'll burn the Koch Brothers...in effigy, of course, sure.