Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Down a Fistful of Klonopin with a Mug of Moose Blood:

First of all, the name of the sure-to-be stupid fucking documentary about Sarah Palin is utter horseshit. In 2002, she lost the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor of Alaska. And, well, also as the vice presidential candidate. So "The Undefeated" is correct only if you disregard her, you know, defeats.

That aside, what the hell is this? It's got a photo of Palin that looks like she's play-skiing with a pair of cocks on her fists. Her lips are pursed in the contemptuous sneer of determination to make more money for herself and her hillbilly kinfolk. And she's got the Snooki bun that says, "My hair is long, but I'm putting it up so that it is not speckled with semen or vomit." She is our Eva Peron, indeed.

She is being fed by the Big Dipper, and a giant star looks like it's about to destroy the sky, which would approximate Palin's effect on the intelligence of the Republican party. Or perhaps that's the star from the Soviet propaganda posters, demonstrating once and for all that, goddamnit, you can see some Russia from Alaska, the state she has abandoned. And there's a pipeline defacing the literal purple mountains majesty.

Let's not even get into the clip art flags. Or the listing of Mark Levin and Andrew Breitbart as appearing (which makes this movie about as appealing as going down on a porcupine's twat).

But there's all the nation needs to know about its idiot queen. Oil. Power. Despoiled nature. Lies. America. The hagiography of the mascot of our descent into the mad dry heaves of this wretched century.

(Thanks to rude reader Jim for the tip on the poster.)