Among the Gay Gays (A Photo Essay of a Victory Lap):
And so, on a lovely early summer Sunday in New York City, on the weekend after the governor of the state signed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage, the Rude Pundit found himself hanging out with friends in front of the Marble Collegiate Church on Fifth Avenue as they handed out water to the thousands and thousands of participants in the annual Gay Pride Parade. He had already been in Washington Square Park the night before, when the Annual Dyke March had converged at the arch and headed into the fountain for a fairly topless frolic. And now, on Sunday, he was standing in the middle of the avenue, the pageantry promenading right by him.

Of course, there were plenty of brides.

And more than a few grooms.

All marching together, with rainbow flags a-flying.

Banks, stores, and other corporations were represented in the march. So, hey, queer-bashers, every time you use Google, remember: you're supporting gay rights.

Sure, sure, there were costumes of all varieties.

But mostly the parade was just average people in their activist groups, like the Gay Men's Health Crisis.

And signs that expressed all kinds of healthy, open desires.

Veterans and service members forced out of the military were, of course, big hits.

But mostly, it was just a splendid time for all, GLB or T, bald or be-wigged.

In the land of the free...

And the home of the brave...

With liberty...

And (the hope of) justice...

For all.

Oh, and here's some beefcake for ya.