New Mitt Romney Ad Features Dead People and Resurrection:

The new Mitt Romney ad is creepy as fuck. It's a macabre rendering of a line from a speech President Obama made where he said, "There are always going to be bumps on the road to recovery."

Using that as a leaping off point, the Romney campaign portrays the unemployed and job seekers and their children as literal bumps on a desert road. In other words, Obama's speech killed these people, Jonestown-style. Then, miraculously, through the power of a Sharpie and piece of paper with Romney's name on it, and some Mormon angel-singing, each of the corpses rises up in order to insist on their humanity before, presumably, being left in the desert to fend for themselves, having to battle the heat, dirt, and coyotes before deciding on who to cannibalize first for food and, holy shit, why won't these goddamned angels stop choiring at us? Or, in other words, it's like living in Utah.

Of course, it doesn't matter that, beyond the fact that no actual plan is mentioned to de-bumpify these people, beyond the fact that the situations that the sentient road blocks present on their magical signs have more to do with Republican policies than Obama's, the ad is a lie on the most basic level. Here's what Obama said: "[T]here are still some headwinds that are coming at us. Lately, it’s been high gas prices that have caused a lot of hardship for a lot of working families. And then you had the economic disruptions following the tragedy in Japan. You got the instability in the Middle East, which makes folks uncertain. There are always going to be bumps on the road to recovery."

In other words, if a gas pump, an earthquake, and an uprising turned to the camera and insisted that they were not bumps in the road, the ad would be accurate, according to what Obama said. Otherwise, the ad is just a bump of bullshit, and the people in it are the very ones that the GOP are driving a Hummer over.

While some may find this an effective ad, it just makes the Rude Pundit roll his eyes and think, "Do we really have to go through 17 months of this fuckery before Obama defeats Romney in the general election in 2012?"