What Arizona Has to Say About Its Own Law:
While we all have our collective panties in a justifiable wad over Arizona cops being allowed to stop anyone to ask for proof of legal residence (or citizenship), let's see what the newspapers around the state have to say:

"That doesn't mean the legislation necessarily is good but it does mean people think it's the best we can do in the face of the federal government's refusal under presidential administrations of both parties over more than 50 years to do anything because a steadily worsening status quo serves narrow political agendas." - The Prescott Daily Courier, in an editorial that doesn't endorse the law, after citing a poll showing 70% of Arizonans favor the new law.

"Unfortunately, those who support the Arizona immigration law - who have justified it by claiming the federal government has failed in its immigration responsibilities - are likely to see this as continued failure. They seem to want only one approach - enforcement and punishment." - The Yuma Sun, referring to efforts by the Obama administration to push for immigration reform, in an editorial condemning the law.

- From the Arizona Daily Star, the Tucson newspaper, a cartoon titled, "Are Your Papers in Order?"

"Do we pass harsh anti-illegal-immigrant laws and face accusations of racism? Or do we allow a free-flow of foreign immigrants across the Mexican border? Or do we continue to a search for a middle ground, a search that has been fruitless since the 1950s?" - The Camp Verde Bugle, in an editorial praising the new law and Gov. Jan Brewer.

Across the political spectrum, however anyone think of this savage, oppressive law (which will go down so quickly in a court challenge that it'll make Glenn Beck's head spin faster), it's stunningly clear that Washington has been populated by a bunch of pussies about immigration reform and border security for at least couple of decades now. That refusal to act crosses lines, whether it's the blithe cruelty of Republicans or the political wind-testing of Democrats. Sanity and rationality in Washington about the issue has long ago been flushed out in favor of a patchwork of failed measures and half-hearted beliefs.

And while, yes, the actions of Arizona are racist and tyrannical (truly, not fake, Tea Party tyranny), maybe we need to see this in another way: as a cry for help from a lost, fucked-up child to its incompetent parent. Of course the kid's gonna shoot up heroin, steal a car, knock up his girlfriend, and set his room on fire. Christ, what else does he need to do to get the right attention?