The Oklahoma Legislature Will Look Inside Your Daughter's Vagina (Part of the "Your State Sucks, Too" Series):
The brutal assault on women’s rights continues in states where you’d expect there to be a brutal assault on women’s rights. This week’s yahoos are the members of the Oklahoma legislature who voted by a veto-proof majority to require pregnant women who want an abortion to get a vaginal-probe ultrasound in order to show them the fetus. There is no exception for victims of rape or incest.

In other words, if you are a woman who wants a perfectly legal medical procedure in Oklahoma, you must submit to the forced insertion of an implement into you, even though that act carries medical risks (you know, perforation, infection, that kind of stuff) and serves no actual medical purpose. It's just to be total dicks about abortion.

In otherer words, the Oklahoma legislature wants to sodomize pregnant women.

At this point, anti-choicers have actually become cartoon villains, twirling their mustaches and licking their lips at the possibility of degrading women more. Don't believe it? Then howzabout some House Bill 2656, which says that if some bag of fuck prevents a woman carrying a fetus with severe disabilities from having an abortion, that woman cannot sue said bag of fuck. The legislature declared this an "emergency" situation. Or howzabout the bill that says clinics must post a sign that says no forced abortions? That doesn't seem unreasonable, if the legislature hadn't just passed that other bill that, you know, forces a medical procedure on women.

We get it. Oklahoma conservatives hate them some abortion. So much so that it wants to publicly shame women by forcing them to provide "their marital status, education level, method of abortion, reason for abortion, means of payment and previous experiences with abortion or miscarriage" to an online database anyone can access. But don't worry. You don't need to give your name.

Is there some kind of contest going on between Nebraska and Oklahoma to see who can fuck up women's lives more? Or are they just filled with assholes cut from the same wretched cloth?